• Photovoltaic Panels

    On the roof of our centre we have 145Kw photovoltaic solar panels. On sunny summer days, they generate enough power for the whole centre.

  • *NEW* Electric Car Charging

    We have 4 electric car charging points in our car park, to make life a little easier for our customers who drive more environmentally friendly vehicles.

  • Plant Area Rovero

    Gardeners will know that it takes a huge amount of water to keep plants healthy. To minimise this, we have made big investment into the Rovero roof in our plant area, which can be opened to allow the rain to water our plants.

  • Biomass Boiler

    Our 150Kw biomass boiler produces power from wood pellets, making it completely carbon-neutral. This is then used to heat the whole centre via underfloor heating.

  • Dunbar nursery plants

    Rainwater Collection

    As well as our Rovero roof, we also reduce our water usage by collecting rainwater in large tanks which feed into our water supply. Roughly 80% of our plant watering is done using rainwater.

  • LED Lighting

    Our centre is primarily lit using highly efficient LED lighting, which reduces energy wastage by up to 80% in comparison to regular light bulbs.

  • Dunbar Outdoor Plants

    Plant Sourcing

    We endeavour to source our plants from ethical and sustainable suppliers, and from local nurseries where possible, such as our own nursery at Plantsplus Garden Centre

  • FSC Approved Timber

    All of our furniture is manufactured using FSC certified timber - the “gold standard” of ethical production - so you can relax in your garden with peace of mind.

  • Local Food Sourcing

    We’re proud to serve local produce wherever we can in our farm shop and restaurant, which not only reduces our carbon footprint, but also allows us to support great Scottish businesses.

  • Cardboard Baler

    All of our waste cardboard is compacted down using our cardboard baler. This greatly improves the efficiency of our waste disposal processes, and reduces the amount of collections needed.

  • Sustainable Bags

    We offer more sustainable alternatives to plastic carrier bags, such as our reusable cotton totes. We also recommend that customers bring their own bags where possible.

  • Compostable Disposable Goods

    All of the single use products in our restaurant, such as coffee cups and napkins, are either fully compostable or recyclable, so nothing has to go into landfill.

  • Promotion of Pollinators

    We love our local wildlife, and our pollinators do so much for our plants too! We protect our bees and butterflies by promoting wildlife friendly plants and products in our centre.

  • Peat-Free Compost

    With the gardening community becoming more aware of the negative impacts of peat, we are proud to stock a range of peat-free composts, so any gardener choosing to go peat-free can find the products they need.

  • Charity of the Year

    We are proud to give back to our community and support local events. One way we do this is by fundraising for our nominated Charity of the Year: for 2022, it’s the fantastic Dunbar Christmas Lights

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